Mission Statement for Echocardiographyskills.com


Mission Statement for Echocardiographyskills.Com

©Walter Rasmussen, R.D.C.S.

10 years-ago I began writing down important points for echocardiographic imaging for the students who come to our echocardiography lab for their cardiology fellowship or sonographer clinicals.  I did this because for one thing, there is so much to learn and I could see that the students could not absorb it all verbally in our clinical setting.

Another reason that I made these notes was because I realized that students were not being taught enough about how to actually operate the ultrasound machines.  Just a few questions such as, “What is High PRF?” or ” What does Color Smooth do?” and it was obvious students were not getting the preparation necessary to produce high-quality ultrasound images from their school.

Over the years, the notes have become a book that explains in easy to understand language, the physics of ultrasound, how it relates to the operation of an ultrasound machine and how to work with the ultrasound transducer and patients.

Many employers push or reward sonographers to do fast studies but this affects the  quality and thoroughness of the exam.  Employers also reward sonographers for obtaining credentials in multiple specialties but who do not obtain enough training and experience to perform at the level that they should in Echocardiography.

Presently there is a pathway for ultrasound labs to become credentialed, which should help raise the quality of exams but these standards are vague, and do not assure proper operation of the ultrasound machine.   This credentialing process does not give specific-enough guidelines for calibrating and operating the ultrasound machine.   The result is a wide variation in quality and results.

The insights in this book will give you a better understanding of how to calibrate the ultrasound machine and some skills that will make your echocardiograms more useful to the people that you serve.  It will also give you better understanding of the physics and principles for operation of an ultrasound machine and aid you in ways that no other educational material that I have seen, in passing your credentialing exam.

Walter Rasmussen, R.D.C.S.





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