Dual Image Echocardiography

Dual Image Echocardiography:

©Walter Rasmussen, R.D.C.S.

There are many instances in which the Sonographer chooses simultaneous display of various modes of ultrasound.   The most common example is side by side presentation of a two-dimensional image combined with M-Mode, Spectral Doppler or Color Doppler. Dual image mode is performed in order to assure that the reader of the ultrasound images will be fully informed about the imaging plane and intent of an ultrasound clip before making diagnostic decisions.

dual CD and 2D

A 2-D Image with and without Color Doppler helps the reader to determine the anatomic source of blood flow anomalies.  



dual 2 d image

Recalled Apical 4-chamber and two-chamber 2-D clips are played side-by-side.  This allows simultaneous analysis of wall motion.  


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