Anatomic M Mode for Echocardiography

Anatomic M Mode for Echocardiography

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Some of the current ultrasound machines have Anatomic M Mode available,  an innovation that makes it possible to place the M-Mode cursor perpendicular to the structure regardless of the transducer position.   Some machines also allow the use of Anatomic M-Mode at a later time from any saved two-dimensional image.

Anatomic M-Mode

The Anatomic M-Mode function can be found on the system’s software menu, usually labeled, “AMM”.  Upon activating Anatomic M-Mode, a dual function cursor is displayed.  One function is cursor position; the other function is cursor angle.  An alternate operation is a Zoom function for magnifying the M-Mode image.

Anatomic M-Mode produces an image which is of lower resolution and softer focus than standard M-Mode.  There are times however, when Anatomic M-Mode is useful for producing a brighter image which emphasizes the borders of the walls of the left and right ventricles better than standard M-Mode.   Anatomic M-Mode is therefore another imaging tool that the sonographer can use to create an echocardiographic study that is of higher diagnostic value.

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